Teeth Whitening

Immediate Results

In Office Teeth Whitening

In office teeth whitening allows us to whiten your teeth for as much as 8 shades in just one visit.

Provided by one of our clinical team members the process of in office teeth whitening starts with protecting the gums and lips so that only the teeth are exposed during the procedure. Up to four applications of a concentrated whitening gel is applied over your teeth and rinsed off. The result is a whiter smile in approximately one hour! Every in office whitening treatment comes with a custom take home kit for touch ups to help keep your smile bright!

Up to 8 Shades Whiter Smile

Minimal Irritation

Only One visit

Take Home Whitening Treatment

Includes custom whitening trays and 4 syringes of whitening solution.

In Office Teeth Whitening

Includes take home kit.


Teeth whitening is generally considered an optional cosmetic dental procedure and not covered by dental insurance plans. Patients with health spending accounts can consider using it towards this treatment.